Phone Call System

World's first multi-function call system that allows to not only send signals, but also make direct calls. 'Phone Call' is a voice and data transmission system which does not require radio license fees due to its use of the ISM band. The Phone Call system is an independent digital wireless network. Through an Access-Point, two-way communication between all components is possible.

A communication hub (Access Point) in the center is necessary. In addition, you can freely choose which components you want to use. You can install up to 250 phone calls/bells, up to 99 handsets, up to 99 consoles, and up to 99 monitors together. Within a building/operation, you can also install separate groups that work independently from eacher other.  


Phone Call Service-Konzept

Not only send signals, but directly make calls - through digital radio technology


Core Technologies of Phone Call

- Latest digital radio technology: Voice and data transmission.

- Send and receive signals and calls wherever you are

- Low energy consumption

- Phone Call can be adapted to your needs

- No radio license fees.

- Small and elegant design.



Where can 'Phone Call' best be used

'Phone Call' is particularly useful in buildings where multiple mobile people interact and work together. 'Phone Call' allows wireless interactions through sending signals and leading calls.


1. Clinics and hospitals: between nurse, physician, patient and reception.


2. Practice: between reception, doctor, nurse and patient in waiting room/treatment room.


3. Retirement home, home for the disabled: between office, patient rooms and nurse.


4. Restaurants: between chef, waiter, cashier and guests.


5. Hotels: between reception, staff and office.


6. Clubs: between doormen, cashier, waiter, kitchen and guests. 
    Phone Call also works in loud environments through use of the headset.


7. Casino: between guests, staff and office.


8.  Supermarket: between cashier, staff and office.


9. Bookstores: between customer, staff and office.


10. Specialty stores: between customer, staff and office/cashier.


11. Production operations: between employees, supervisors and office.


12. Logistics company: between office, porters and truckdrivers. 


13. Loud industrial environments: between employees, supervisors and office.
      Phone Call also works in loud environments through use of the headset.


These are just some examples. In case of further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your questions.


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