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Phone Call Rufsystem

The Phone Call system is an innovative paging system with sound and data transmission. Next to sending signals you can directly speak to the receiver of the call. Through the use of ISM bands, it works without radio license fees.

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Guest Pager HP 1500

Guest Pager HP 1500 is an innovative product to simplify the communication in restaurants, logistics companies, etc. It is a multifunction pager system which can communicate in two directions.

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Wireless Call Systems

Innovative, wireless, and versatile: our "Happy Call" wireless call system enables smooth workflow and excellent service at the push of a button.

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Card Pager System

Maximum flexibility - maximum service: Pager systems allow for highest mobility. Regardless of single individuals or entire groups, the pager systems helps you to reach your teams all the time.

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Notifying System

The Notifying System is a wireless system. The receiver has an 8-number display and a 16-number memory. Each number can be deleted separately.

The transmitter has two buttons: one to call and one to cancel the call.

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